Saturday, July 27, 2013

Benefits of Bike Commuting - Infographic

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Sunday, October 30, 2011

Strava Rocks! Review of a Great Tool for Tracking and Sharing Your Performance

After years of trying several mobile applications and web services to track my rides, I failed to find one worth the effort to use consistently.

Then I found Strava. Strava has made my workouts and commutes ten times more effective and fun. Do yourself a favor, and start using it - now.

How does Strava do it? Strava makes it drop-dead simple to accurately track your times, workout statistics, and relative performance versus friends and fellow riders/commuters. Strava uploads data directly from your smartphone or Garmin GPS device and auto-magically calculates informative metrics and useful graphics: First, Strava maps and calculates vital statistics (including a “Suffer Score”) for each of your rides and runs:

When I first started uploading my rides and saw the low Suffer Scores, I realized I was not pushing myself enough to improve and reach my potential. One of the coolest things about Strava is that it gives you a sense of how your ride stacks up versus prior rides on the same segment:
Strava also calculates your standing versus other riders on the same segment/commute. It’s a great way to encourage friendly competition and community with your riding and commuting friends.
Strava also recently started offering tracking tools for runners. I have found Strava’s recently introduced tools for runners just as simple-to-use and informative as the cycling tools. Below is an example of a lazy run/walk – as you can see from the stats.
Any downside to Strava? The iPhone application is currently limited, but there is a new version in Beta that promises significant improvement. My Garmin gathers more data (heart-rate, etc.) and more accurate positioning information than my iPhone , so I find I only use the iPhone app as a mobile supplement for the full online version of Strava. But this may change as the mobile application improves.

Friday, September 9, 2011

Chicago Remembers 9/11

View from the bike commute on the Riverwalk.

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Chicago Bike Commute Challenge: June 11-17

The Chicago Active Transportation Alliance's Bike-to-Work Challenge is next week (June 11-17).
Bike pit stops with free snacks and coffee will be set up throughout the Chicago metro area.
Employers will be highlighted for their bike-commute participation rates, and the employers with the highest participation rates will be eligible for prizes.
More details are available on the Chicago Active Transportation Alliance website.

The following are some of the benefits you could enjoy from bicycling to work:

• Weight loss: Studies have shown that the average bicycle commuter loses 13 pounds in the first year with no substantial change to their diet.
• Better health: Cycling 5 miles a day reduces the risk of coronary heart disease by 50% and anxiety, stress and depression are also found to be reduced
by regular exercise. Regular cyclists enjoy a fitness level equivalent to being 10 years younger.
• Lower travel costs: The typical annual operating cost of a bicycle is 2.25% that of the yearly cost of an automobile.
• Environmental responsibility: By cycling to work, you are helping to lower the pollution level and traffic congestion in the Chicago metro area.

If you are a CCC empolyee and you bike in to work next week (even if it's just to your local Metra or el stop), please email me so I can tally our overall results and send to the Chicago Active Transportation Alliance.

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Evanston Gets Stimulus-Funded Bike Trail

As the sign at the Democratic Party of Evanston read back in 2008, Evanston "Ba-Rocks" for Obama. And Obama payed Evanston back with stimulus funding for a fantastic re-make of the lakefront bike trail.

Hope they also have some separated and/or shoulder trails for pedestrians like the Lakefront Trail in the City. Maybe it's my imagination, but I think it's cut at least 5-10 minutes off my commute through Evanston. Way to go Evanston!

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Bike Posse Road Trip: Portland and Seattle

This weekend was the Seattle Livestrong 100.
Certainly, there is no better way to kick off Summer right than a seven-hour bike ride careening down hills through frigid rain under grey skies.

But first to Portland to pick up friends and visit with my brother-in-law's family.
Grey weather got you down?
Portland has got the solution:

Hungry after Portland's World Naked Bike Ride?
Try a Voodoo Donut...

My favorite donut from Voodoo Donuts is the Gay Bar: a long-john filled with cream, and covered with vanilla frosting, Froot Loops, and sprinkles. Outside of select PC-zones such as Evanston and Ann Arbor, the average 10-11 year-old here in the Midwest uses the word gay as slang for lame. The majority of Midwestern 10-11 year-old boys would not be caught dead ordering a Gay Bar. But my nephew just looks at the donuts and announces in a loud, matter-of-fact way: Yeah..I'll have the Gay Bar please. Not self-conscious at all about it.

Seattle has it's own excitement.
Here is a friendly native offering kissing lessons in downtown Seattle:

No. Lance did not show at the Seattle Livestrong 100.
Yes. I did survive, and for the first time, I made it up Cougar Mountain.